Jul. 10th, 2008

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Here's a link to a cool graph of my music listening habits of the past, I dunno, whatever - according to last.fm. I made the graph by going to this site.

SO I HAVEN'T POSTED IN A BIT! Here's where I list the reasons:

  • my mac died, and i don't really like to 'chill' on a non-mac
  • one of my studio monitors (speakers) died...another nail in the coffin of my music-making for now
  • i've been out and about with my awesome girlfriend
  • working with computers means i don't like playing with computers
  • mountain biking!
  • world of warcraft...?!

I got a new phone - it matches my car, i guess. Not that it matters or was intentional or I care about it...I'm just sick of using a shit freebie phone...I even went and started using my old phone I submerged while teaching max to swim, again. The battery is taped onto the phone using layers of electrical tape. It's...interesting. Let's say you are texting someone, the longer the message, the slower the phone responds to your key presses. Atrocious! Haha.

Anyhow, who cares. What else is up? Hm, my bike chain rusted because I let it get rained on, assuming incorrectly that bike chains don't rust so easily. My diet has been healthy lately; when I first started this job, I went nuts, forgetting about the whole lunch conundrum. Now, I'm packing myself light lunches from home. Yum yum.

Next 2 big goals: new mac, and move out!

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