Nov. 28th, 2008

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I feel like a real jackass because I haven't seen any of my friends this week so I wanted to apologize. Here's my excuse: on friday I woke up with a shattered molar, and I found out in the most excruciating way possible: by brushing my teeth. I nearly collapsed from the pain right there but I was more shocked than anything because it's not anything I had any experience dealing with. Also, later that day, EV got some pretty bad news as well, but it's not really my place to say what it is if you don't know.

ANYHOW, I wasn't able to go into the dentist until Tuesday, and he told me I'd be feeling the pain for a bit. He was right. Spent turkey day in bed like a loser!

I'm pretty sure that going out and drinking will be my only salvation against these toothaches and headaches so I firmly believe that this should be done this upcoming weekend!

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