Jul. 20th, 2008


Jul. 20th, 2008 01:11 pm
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I passed a man on a path. I was in a hurry, and in communication with those i was to meet with (at the very least) a microphone held in my left hand and sometimes tucked away. The man who walked along the path seemed magnanimous but oblivious; eyes forced squinty from age (?).

"Where are you, Ryan?" Nope, not from the other end of the mic - the man had asked me. He was dressed for cold weather; he was dressed for work. He was balding. I began to walk alongside him. He knew my name, at least, and he had asked a question that i had been wondering myself. This wasn't the right path. I explained my goals, which included meeting with the aforementioned people on the other end of the microphone. He expressed concern, and gestured towards the field that the path ran alongside. That's right; the path had gone through some woods and now ran alongside an isolated well-cropped field surrounded by more woods.

"Are you sure that...this is the way? Don't you know-" He glanced towards the field as did I. Visions of the men/things who worked the field - from a previous dream or nightmare - flashed before my eyes.

I turned around immediately. The concerned man watched me backtrack briefly, and continued on his way. Tucking the microphone into my jacket pocket (my voice sounded a bit echoey this way, but it freed my hands for other tasks), I walked back along the path. I, too, was dressed for cold weather. I was dressed for something of an expedition. I was concerned. I had exited known civilization on the wrong path. I felt stupid because I should have known that it was the OTHER path, which I had visited in other dreams.

I felt I should hurry, but the dream started fading into reality as Max, the dutiful cat who had been stationed at the foot of the bed (despite being kicked at least once) to watch over me in my drunken stupor of a sleep, had begun to get restless and solicited for my attention somewhat plaintively.

In other news, respectable street's 21st birthday was last night. Rodney completely redid the place. The power went out for a while...but we still got to see our friends' bands and.....

FLOCK OF SEAGULLS! Haha! It was great. Maybe I'll write more about this later. I was PRET-TY DRUNK.

Yesterday prior to that was pretty fun, as well. EV and I went to the bike store to get parts to fix our bikes, the thrift store, where we saw a bunch of vintage cameras and reel to reels, and Hurricane's for awesome lunch/dinner chicken! hee hee!

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